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Welcome to the new website for composer John Centrone!

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Okay, welcome to my first blog. I will try and keep these short and sweet. Writing music is a greater strength for me than writing words, so I will try to include audio/visual content to lessen my dribbling on about stuff.
Oh. . .I received my first award for best score! It’s not an Emmy, but I’ll take it. Film maker, Ben Struble asked if I’d participate in a 48 hour festival out of Buffalo. I have done these in the past and find them fun and challenging. Sort of like having a filmmaker holding a gun to you while looking at their watch saying “…come on! Compose!” Now, writing for me is a private experience that I do in my studio. I can try out wacky ideas without worrying about anyone hearing them but me. So, this is not my preferred method. After getting some rough ideas in place, I practiced over and over until the timing worked and recorded mostly with strings from my keyboard. Add a dash of solo cello (samples) and some percussion from the “damage” library and voila, done. Below is a link to the final product. There is strong language, so I think it would be rated “R”, just a heads-up. Anyway, next time I’ll be talking about scoring Curt Markham’s revived, restored animated feature, The Search For Silverspear. Enjoy!

No Clue from Ben Struble on Vimeo.