2nd Installment

Welcome to the 2nd installment.
Today I am highlighting film maker Curt Markham. Curt hired me to score his cult film, Saberfrog back in 2010. Recently, he was rummaging through his Mom’s closet and discovered a bunch of super 8 reels from an ambitious animated project that he undertook when he was just thirteen. Curt filmed almost an hour long stop animation feature in his bedroom. Now, keep in mind that at a frame rate of 18 frames per second, we’re talking a lot of work to get 56 minutes of film not to mention all the set design and drawings. In fact, I believe he broke the super 8 stop motion button on his camera from pressing it so many times.
Now fast forward to the present. Curt finds the reels but unfortunately, the audio isn’t able to be restored. So, Curt has the expert services of Taylor Whitney and her company Preserving The Past, restore, digitize and recolor the reels. Curt re-records all the lines and the voices and is now ready for a musical score. Except, young Curt decided to use a bunch of epic scores from John Williams for a temp track and obviously wants to get that same sound and feel. G-r-e-a-t, just what every composer given a budget for samples wants to tackle. So, this will be a lot of work and a lot of fun. The film is endearing and I encourage others with reels locked away to try and revive them.
Here is the trailer for Curt’s film, The Search For Silverspear.