Welcome to this installment.

This is Thanksgiving week which gives us all cause to reflect and think of the many things we can be thankful for. For me, one of them is the relationships and bonds formed with other creative people. One that comes to mind is with filmmaker Ben Struble.

Ben came to me shortly after graduating from Syracuse University with a 20 minute film noir titled Black And White Monday. We worked together to realize his vision for the score and since that film, I have been able to score a feature of his titled The Empty.  Also, Ben was on the team for the short festival film where my score won best score!

I hope to continue to work with Ben on future projects and wonder what exciting things are a head of us.

Since most non-feature length films go somewhat un-noticed, I am including the trailer for Black And White Monday, which features the Black And White Monday Suite. Take a moment to give it a look and listen: